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Join Over 800 Entrepreneurs In One of the Nation’s Most Transformational Mastermind Communities…

With Step-By-Step Coaching That’s Proven to 10X Your Marketing, Financial Literacy, Investments, and Leadership Skills From the Ground Up

What if you had direct, unfiltered access to a proven blueprint…

…for turning your marketing… financial literacy… investment knowledge… and leadership skills into a well-oiled pandemic-proof machine…

…in just HALF the time?

I ask, because that’s what over 800 entrepreneurs (most of them complete newbies!) are doing RIGHT NOW as you're reading this.

And when you join them…

You get step-by-step, over-your-shoulder coaching through our Power Unit library…that shows you how to grow your business in the most critical areas from A-Z with ease…

What you will learn

  • How to craft clear, compelling digital marketing campaigns that make high-paying clients desperate to open their wallets and give you money

  • How to stand out in your industry & establish yourself as THE go-to expert with irresistibly juicy content across ALL social media platforms

  • How to negotiate sweeter deals without even breaking a sweat (and gain the confidence to do it again and again)

  • What “hidden” sales & presentation techniques convert even the most stubborn client into a loyal fan seemingly overnight

  • What “magic trigger words” instantly shut down objections and leave everyone in the room ready to sign the dotted line

  • What 99% of entrepreneurs get totally wrong with their scripts and pitches (and how my head-turning script seals the deal every time)

  • Why authentic, persuasive storytelling attracts even your DREAM clients to you and only you as if by mind control

  • PLUS… what “samurai-level” financial planning & risk management tactics virtually GUARANTEE you multiple streams of income for life

Hey, I’m Chastin J. Miles.

I’ve been an entrepreneur and real agent here in Dallas for ten years.

I’ve also gotten over 4 million YouTube views…

Built an email list of over 18,000…

Got over 300,000 followers on TikTok in less than 90 days… 

Secured over 20 brands and affiliate deals…

And taught hundreds of social media content creation seminars across the U.S… 

All without spending a SINGLE penny on ads or followers.

Now, before I show you exactly how I did this…

I need to get something off my chest, which is that not long ago…

I was flat-out broke…

I’d just moved to Dallas to build my business.

I didn't have any friends… didn’t have any connections…

And eventually things got so bad that my electricity in my 1-bedroom apartment got shut off… and stayed off for DAYS.

I couldn’t eat… couldn’t sleep… and the few friends I actually managed to make kept inviting me out…

But I couldn’t go… because I told them my car wasn’t working… when in reality I just didn’t have enough money for gas.

And the sad part about it is… I was trying REALLY hard to build my business.

Putting myself out there day after day… giving myself a headache from all the cold calls… investing my time in what I THOUGHT were all the right places…

And at one point…

I literally locked the door of the house I was trying to sell… and collapsed to my knees right there in the living room… crying all alone… begging for SOMETHING to change.

It felt as if everywhere I went…the word “failure” floated above my head like a flashing neon sign… and everyone could see it.

But in that moment of hitting nearly the absolute rock bottom…

Something clicked. 

I realized that it’s just ME feeling these things.

No one saw a failure… no one saw a broke, desperate entrepreneur…

It was just ME… seeing myself only ONE way… and selling myself short month after month.

And maybe you’ve been doing the same.

Maybe you’ve been living day in, day out with that feeling in the pit of your stomach that SOMETHING needs to change in your business.

But you haven’t been able to put your finger on it.

And what’s worse… is that you’ve tried EVERYTHING under the sun to move the needle even an inch.

Every business best-seller on Amazon… every investment “secret” on YouTube… every productivity “hack” on TikTok... every marketing “tip” on LinkedIn…

Even (and this is the most gut-wrenching of them all)

Other courses you’ve paid hard-earned money for…

And have seen ZERO results from.

I’m talking about lasting results… results that give you true freedom… results that actually sustain the better life you want for yourself and your family.

And listen... I've shared your pain.

So I know it's real… and makes you not even want to get out of bed in the morning.

Feeling that weight of failure on your shoulders… the weight that makes you second, even THIRD guess yourself… your business… your dreams… and even your very next step…

Feeling that fear of rejection that keeps you staring at the ceiling at night… running through a million scenarios about why NOTHING has worked… and when ANYTHING will work at all.

And feeling that burden of self-doubt… the whisper in the back of your mind that tells you to quit and get a “real job”... because it must be what your friends and family are already thinking.

But look… as crazy as it sounds… these are all symptoms of a deeper issue.

They’re just symptoms of the REAL cause… the 1% of the puzzle you’re missing…

Which is that you haven’t embraced yourself as an ACTUAL business owner…

And proven to yourself that you ARE more than just a polished salesperson.

Now, I know how ridiculously simple this sounds. Controversial, even.

But that’s partly what makes this training and community so life changing.

It is simple.

You DON’T have to hit rock bottom… you DON’T have to crawl into a hole… and you DON’T have to sit there in your office day after day… staring at the floor… thinking, “What do I do next?”


Because I’ve already done that FOR you…

And put together a 100% unique, tried-and-true combination of strategies organized in our Power Unit Digital Library…

Which is the exact thing I needed all those years ago.

In fact, learning just one or two of these secrets would’ve shortcutted my own success by… oh, I don’t know… 5, 10 years at least. Maybe more.

And listen… 

I don’t care if you’re a brand new solopreneur. Or haven’t got a CLUE how to sell. Or have driven 10 different businesses straight into bankruptcy.

NONE of that matters.

The ONLY thing that matters… is your absolute full desire to hop on board… and let me show you how to… 

"Successful entrepreneurs are not afraid to bet on themselves."

- Shawn Carter

There's A Level For You

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Close 2-3 deals a month or you don't pay.

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Are you wanting a deeper connection with more accountability? In the Elite Circle, you will surround yourself with other successful people like you for a more hands-on approach with expert advice and connections to help you scale differently.

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Feel like you've hit a glass ceiling? That feeling simply means it's time to level up with individuals on an even higher level. High-Society members receive weekly coaching calls, private mastermind events, and access at levels to break barriers and income levels you never knew existed.

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What is Power Unit?

Power Unit is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who believe that we owe it to ourselves to do more so that we can be more. We work hard to break the chains of limitations and we promise to always "Do The Most"

Why Power Unit?

We don't believe in putting limits on income. Power Unit isn't just focused on one business or one area of business. We fill the room with all walks of life and all areas of entrepreneurship. We simply do what works.

Who is Power Unit for?

Power Unit is for those individuals who are looking to become the best version of themselves.

Are the events live or virtual?

Power Unit events are live with recordings available

How does Power Unit work?

As a Power Unit member you will receive immediate access to a library of recorded programs along with workbooks and downloads for you to begin using immediately.

Each week you will receive a weekly motivational message to get you going on your week and give that boost you need to hit the ground running.

Each week you will also receive a weekly recorded training that falls into the arena of marketing, sales, financial strategy, entrepreneurship and ownership, or investing. These are meant for you to implement into your business and get you strategizing on ways to conquer along with other members.

Your accountability lies with our app. Daily you will complete your accountability activity.

We host Power Unit events multiple times throughout the year. The big Do The Most Conference is held in Dallas, TX every year alongside smaller private events in Dallas and multiple locations throughout depending on your membership level.

Most of all, you have access to our private membership community which includes members of all levels. You will also have access to the community of members at your level. This is where you stay connected with top 6 & 7 figure earners in real-time.

power unit coaching logo by chastin miles

We are committed to provide our members the best experience possible. If you have questions about Power Unit, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at team@powerunitcoaching.com. We'd be more than happy to assist you. Thanks for choosing Power Unit!

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